Meet the Brewmasters Club Chub

Thanks to successful passing of new Florida legislation, 64-ounce growlers can now be sold in the state of Florida, effective July 1 2015! The Brewmasters Club Chub is the best way to keep your brewery fresh beer tasty and ready to party. 64-ounces of fresh brewery tapped beer, that will stay fresh for over 30-days! Click below to purchase yours today!

In addition to the slick look of a true mini keg, the BMC Chub will hold just under a six-pack of delicious, craft beer. The specs are listed below:

  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Super Easy to Clean
  • Locking Screw Top for Maximum Freshness
  • Use The Brewmasters Club app to find refill locations!
  • Metal construction blocks 100% of beer destroying UV rays
  • Keeps your beer COOLER longer than glass
  • The BMC Chub Grab yours today!

Sure the keg is great, but what if you could have brewery fresh beer, in your fridge, on tap???  Meet the Chub Regulator (regulator and CO2 sold separately).

By adding our exclusive CO2 regulator to your Chub, you now have a mini kegerator, anywhere you want to go. The stainless steel blocks out 100% of the UV rays that even your fridge can produce, keeping your beer from becoming skunky.  

The food grade CO2 cartridges, available online or at your local store, keep the beer regulated and carbonated for 30-45 days and can pressurize CO2 from CO2 tank or 16 Gram CO2 charger, it keeps draft beer fresh and creates zero waste!

The branded BMC Chub measures roughly a half a foot in diameter (6 inches), and 8 inches tall - Perfect for coolers, refrigerator doors and other tight spots!

We are selling the whole system. Shipping time can take roughly 3-weeks depending on your location, or you can attend one of our Brewery fill-up parties to grab your Chub even earlier!

By completing purchase of the Brewmasters Club Chub you agree to and acknowledge you have read and understand this safety information.

Shipping for Complete Chub Kit system or The 64-ounce Chub is $12.65. Shipping is a flat rate, for the best value order the Complete Chub Kit.

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