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Florida Craft Beer Day

On Feb. 15th, 1897, the Sunshine State saw the opening of its first locally owned and operated brewery in Ybor City. Florida Brewing Co was the first brewery located in the southeastern United States and served to quench the thirsts of hundreds of cigar rollers working in the area. While the brewery is no longer in operation, it is the starting point of a long and proud brewing tradition that you are helping to continue.

To that end, we would like to recognize Feb. 15th, every year as ‘Florida Craft Beer Day’, a day where we all can celebrate the economic, cultural, and societal impact that brewing has made in the Sunshine State.

Why is this day important?

Great Beer

Good beer is hard to come by, well at least in other states! This historic day kicked off a movement that would eventually aid in leading craft beer to the point it is today, nearly 5,000 breweries nationwide!

Paying Jobs

This day should be celebrated for the millions of economic and personal jobs the industry fullfills around the world! To date, beer is responsible for over 1.75 million jobs!

Good People

Beer brings people together. Sporting events, outdoor activities, nightlife and more. People love to enjoy beer. The economics don't lie, the beer industry is worth $252.6 billion to our economy.

What does all this mean to Florida?

In the state of Florida alone, the total impact of beer measures to some extremely staggering numbers. The Beer industry also, loves to give back. The following statistics are from the NBWA 2013 report.

Florida beer is responsible for:

22,483 Florida Jobs

$1,265,029,242 in wages and salaries

$655,155,163 in Federal and state taxes paid.

what does all this mean to you?

We lucky Floridians get to be a part of the winning team!

Support your local brewery,

Support local jobs,

and drink local!

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